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Florida’s Ecosystem of opportunity

A community built to accelerate connection and innovation in Pasco County, Florida.

Welcome to Connected City

Located in Pasco County, Florida, Connected City is not just a place, but an idea. It’s where people, commerce, lifestyle, and innovation intersect to power the future.

Community powering commerce

Committed to accelerating innovation through the creation of sustainable spaces for people, commerce, collaboration, and opportunity.

  • Connected City is a state-recognized, public-private project in Pasco County, Florida. The forward-thinking, mixed-use developmentis anchored by two MetroPlaces communities:
    Epperson and Mirada.
  • With the addition of Angeline in 2022, “Connected City 2.0,” is planned for more than 37,000 homes and over 12 million square feet of commercial development, including office and retail spaces, schools, hospitals and hotels.

Community Innovations

Top talent wants top amenity

We have brought the best of the coastline inland to Pasco County with resort-style fun, beauty and tropical relaxation. Ranging in size from 7.5 to over 15 acres, these Lagoons will forever change the way people mix work and lifestyle.

Untethered connection

Connected City has been designated the first Smart Gigabit Community by US Ignite. This exclusive technology is a critical part of the infrastructure for untethered connection that fuels innovation.

Sustainability starts at street level

Connected City is a sustainable community built from the ground up. Streetleaf solar street lights provide a clean-tech solution to providing unmatched security while promoting harmony with the local environment for animals and humans alike.

Health and Wellness Are Connected

Miles of multi-modal trails weave among the parks, schools, and community amenities, connecting residents and those who work within the Connected City. Options abound for healthy transport, whether by foot, bike, or electric vehicle. One key destination is the future Community Farm at Angeline, which will provide residents with healthy produce as well as educational tours, nutrition and cooking classes, and a community garden.

Smart Connections for All Ages

The future is here in the Connected City. Two STEM schools–Kirkland Ranch Academy and the Angeline Academy of Innovation offer best-in-class education options for all of Pasco County. For elementary students, Innovation Prep offers a curriculum based on WISH (Wellness, Innovation, Health & Science) to stimulate young minds and create paths toward success.

Connected City: An Economic Engine


(03) Connected City: An Economic Engine

Conceived by entrepreneurs at Metro Development Group , Connected City is a 50-year plan. This economic engine is fueled by technology, talent and opportunity with the power to future-proof businesses and communities.

An economic engine

In 2015, Senate Bill 1216 created a state law allowing Pasco County to implement a special land use plan for Connected City’s pilot program, the first and only pilot of its kind in Florida. First initiated in Epperson and then expanded into Mirada, the Connected City community is pre-designated for economic growth and development. Angeline, a City in the Making, represents the next opportunity for Connected City: Connected City 2.0.

Advanced connectivity is at the core of Connected City and Pasco County’s vision to transform the region into a thriving, affordable community for businesses and residences alike. The development’s technology infrastructure was built from the ground up on the fastest gig speed possible, and is designed to include solar powered lighting, automated vehicles and Wi-Fi parks.

Why Pasco County

Leaders of Pasco County are passionate
about developing the region into the #1
place for businesses to grow and prosper.

  • Through strategic initiatives and the kind of public-private partnership bringing Connected City to life, Pasco affirms its commitment to transformative action. One of Florida’s fastest growing counties with nearly 600,000 residents, Pasco County is a progressive community with a competitive, pro-business landscape.
  • Connected City is designed to be Pasco’s center for innovation, accelerating economic opportunities through advanced technology, commerce and entrepreneurial growth.
Tampa Bay MSA

Pasco County benefits from its position within the Tampa Bay MSA, home to a population of 3 million, a workforce of 1.4 million and almost 80 colleges, universities and trade schools. Over the past several years, the Tampa Bay MSA has experienced an uptick in migration due to the low taxes, lower than average cost of living, and expansive job market. The region is one of the most affordable places to do business in the U.S., and ranks third in lowest labor costs.

Top Talent Market

Access to talent is one of the region’s greatest resources, and a distinct competitive advantage. Over the past decade, the labor force in Pasco County and the Tampa Bay MSA has grown by double digits. The ability to attract, educate and retain a robust workforce will provide a growing and diverse talent pool for Connected City businesses.

Why Connected City

Connectivity & Innovation

Built for dreamers, creators, and builders, the master plan for Connected City is designed to support agility and adaptability through collaborative commerce, empowered infrastructure, and sustainable innovation. That spirit will continue at Angeline, Connected City 2.0.

  • Infrastructure
    for Innovation
    Connect City deploys innovation in every aspect of the community through technology like ULTRAFi gigabit internet for residential, commercial, and common spaces and eco-first lighting from Streetleaf. Connected infrastructure will not only power what’s here today but foster a sustainable practice of innovation that will continually fuel Central Florida’s commercial ecosystem for decades to come.
  • A Lifestyle to
    Empower and Inspire
    Create a vibrant, human-centered environment that balances digital and physical elements and inspires people to do their best work. The Connected City is designed to empower new and evolving work modes—and create places for relaxation and fun. The innovation cycle is accelerated by remote-ready resources and a dedicated “Living Lab” ecosystem, and opportunities are amplified.
  • Cultivating
    Innovation Leaders
    Connected City has a larger vision for what we can do together by providing a world-class education to future generations. Onsite charter, innovation, and STEM magnet schools bring opportunities to every doorstep. To ensure the innovation and renewable spirit of Connected City continues well into the future, a $200K Innovation Enterprise fund has been created to reward companies investing in technologies to make communities better and more sustainable.

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